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Benifits of Solar Screens

There are a lot of great advantages to getting solar screens in the Killeen-Temple Metro. First and formost you will be saving money. Second, you will make your home more comfortable the year round.

Here are a few more fact points that the solar protection screening will provide for you.

We Keep 'U' Cool!

  • Daytime Privacy with excellent outward visability
  • Reduces glare for added comfort
  • Blocks up to 95% Sun's Heat and UV and Winter's Frost
  • Prevents Floors, Furniture and Window coverings from fading
  • Extends the life of your A/C System – system does not run as much
  • Most effective and affodable way to block the solar heat gain
  • Solar barrier for window glazing, protects the windows
  • Installs as a screen not a film, much more effective
  • Ideal shading for Widows, Doors, Porches and Garages
  • Pet and Hail Resistant
  • Several colors to accent any home
  • Lower heating and cooling cost
  • Very affodable they pay for themsevles every few years in energy savings
  • Removes the need to buy exspensive energy efficient windows
  • Solar Screen most homes for less cost than major a kitchen appliance
  • Stops insects not the breeze
  • Instant relief from the sun's heat
  • Gives any home a new apperance
  • Extra layer of break-in protection