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Interior and Exterior Solar Screens

Solar panels for your home windows can be installed on the interior or the exterior of the windows. An Austin, TX solar screens company will be able to install both and you can carefully consider each for your home. There are benefits to shading from the interior as opposed to the exterior. Solar screens will do their job no matter where you put them if you buy them from an Austin, TX solar screens company, but call for an estimate and you can discuss the advantages to the interior roller shades versus the exterior screens.

Direct sunlight comes as energy, which is stopped by your home’s windows and walls. However, the heat hits the outside and warms the home. Therefore, exterior solar screens are traditionally more effective because they stop the suns rays from actually reaching the window panels. The rays are hitting the solar screen shades first, as opposed to going through the window and then hitting the solar screen shades. Of course, that will depend on how good of a product you purchase, but an Austin, TX solar screens company is known for selling the best screens and roller shades in the metro area. Their clients have spoken highly of the products, whether they are shading a patio, garage, office, or home window.

Solar screen fabric is designed to be lightweight and sturdy, so it won’t seem like there’s a dark cloud hanging outside of your window all the time. That’s a benefit because it also won’t obstruct your view outside. You can enjoy the beautiful view without having to suffer through heat that is as stifling as it would be without the shades.

Entertain without the extra heat

That stifling heat is sometimes so suffocating that you can’t imagine doing anything but sitting inside in the air conditioning. However, patio solar window screens are a great alternative. You can enjoy dinner on the patio or entertain guests without sweating through your clothing. If the patio isn’t your ideal dinner setting, throw a traditional dinner party inside. You’ll still be able to benefit from the exterior solar screens you had installed on your home windows and they will keep the heat away. Solar panels for your home windows are the best idea and they will pay for themselves over time with the money you’ll be save on not using the air conditioning or the heat as much. Call today for a free estimate and figure out whether solar panels for your home windows are right for you.