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Solar Window Screens - How They Work

To understand the real advantages of solar window screens, it's important that you know how they work.

The sun hits the windows of your home beginning in the morning hours and heats the glass quickly all day long, that heat spreads through the walls, heating the inside space and causing the air conditioner to maintain a thermostat setting, meaning the A/C runs more. When solar protection screening is applied to the windows, the suns heat and radiant UV is reduced by as much as 80-95% depending on the density percentage of the shading fabric, in turn keeping the inside space at room temprature or near to, causing the thermostat to set idle. This creates the effect that the A/C system is now not forced fight off a 100% window heat gain, but now only a 5-20% heat gain through the windows.

By shielding the windows, the glass never reachs the high tempratures we are so accustom to in Texas, your inside space usually reamins about 10-15 degrees cooler than without the shading, and because the A/C system is not running 24-7 in the summer months, you save on your energy costs. This is a quick and easy way to say, live cooler and save money on your energy cost.