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Enjoy your Solar Screened Patio

Summer months in Texas can get extremly hot! Making the decision to enclose the patio is a big step you control in making the space more inviting, The patio is considered to be, one of the home's most important places, a screened in patio porch provides an inviting place to gather with family and friends or just a getaway spot to relax, when it is protected.

Solar screening the patio is an affordable home improvement that allows you to reclaim the outdoors, providing a level of privacy and protection from the elements, that open areas can not offer. Along with the beauty and exspansion it gives the home, the screened porch becomes more useful. Our materails are of powder coated aluminum framing extrutions in variable colors and weatherproof paint. Shading fabrics come in a varity of colors and densities to complement any style desired, contact us today for more information and or a free estimate.