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Save Money Heating and Cooling in the Killeen Metro

Solar Screens Killeen is invested in making sure that you have all the right tools necessary to keep your heating and cooling costs down, while living a more comfortable life. The company offers great products that helps you start saving money on energy cost as soon as they are installed. Their expertise will help you determine where in the house you should consider installing solar protection screening, that will benefit you the most.

These experts will come measure your windows, doors and patio area's to figure out what size screens you will need to outfit your home and provide you with an on-site free estimate. Then, you can decide between different styles and colors and materials, giving you full control over the products you choose to purchase. Their expert advice will help guide and provide you with the product information that will make your selections comfortable and easy to understand.

Installing solar screens in Killeen-Temple, Texas is by far the most effective and affordable way to reduce energy cost. Theses screens are a true solar shield designed to stop the grueling sun from hitting your windows and baking them in our hot climate, and reducing room temeptures by as much as 10-15 degrees. Our winter months are not as harsh - thank goodness, however they do work in the winter as well, remember solar protection screening is a shield for the elements that cover the outside of the windows, blocking the frost, rain and hail before it contacts the glass, there by keeping your glass closer to room temprature, they have also been called solar window blankets.